5 Tips for Auto Loans How to Buy the Car if You Are Already Indebted?

Is your project a new car ? Are you geared towards a used car ? You have several loans in progress and you do not know how to get more liquidity ?

 Auto Loan How to Buy the Car if You Are Already Indebted

is the right solution for you! With you have the opportunity to consolidate current loans and get the money you need.

We have collected in this article 5 useful tips to show you the best way to purchase your car .

Let’s see them together:

  1. Who can apply for funding?
  2. Why is the financing not accepted?
  3. Ways to get financing if it is not accepted.
  4. How to apply for funding?
  5. Why rely on ?

1. Auto Loan: Who can apply for funding?

In general, anyone has the right to request and obtain a car loan . To be more precise, any subject, income earner, interested in buying a car . There are no theoretical limitations on access to credit on a theoretical level if they do not demonstrate the real ability to repay future monthly installments .

Is it therefore sufficient to receive a salary , a pension or have an income tax return ? We will see later that it is not so obvious.

2. Auto Loan: Why is the financing not accepted?

The motivations can be different and should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Below we have listed the main ones:

  • several loans in progress: excessive borrowing by the applicant.
  • recent request for funding : regardless of the outcome of the request, this data, present in the Crif databases, is often a fact determined by the denial of the new request. The client, often unaware, relies on online comparators of loans and loans or through the financial institution or bank that has an agreement with the dealership. Some manufacturers, if not most, forward the financing requests directly to their financial companies; this is the case, for example, of Renault , Citroen and others.
  • Uncensored : those who have never made other funding
  • Reported: bad payer of other commitments or protested .

3. Auto Loan: Ways to get financing if it is rejected.

After the auto loans you request are refused, offers you two solutions to get the car you want. Among these there is the possibility of making a debt consolidation loan , or a personal loan that allows you to obtain a sufficiently high liquidity, so as to close the various loans already underway and this transaction is done directly by the financial, the remaining money will result useful for the purchase of the car .

Another possibility is to request a transfer of the fifth , the delegation of payment or the loan changed. With this product it will be easier to obtain liquidity, without looking at other loans already in progress.

4. Auto Loan: How to apply for financing

Requesting loans through is very simple! You can do it directly from your home, with PC or smartphone. It will only take a few minutes of your time to make a request ( it will not be sent to any database ). Fill out the form and within 24 hours one of our experts will contact you to evaluate a free quote without obligation: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust it to our experts!

5. Why ?

Here are the main reasons why you can contact our company:

  • we do not forward the request to the databases : if you were not interested in our solution, you can freely contact another institution, without any penalty.
  • the estimate is fast, safe and above all free
  • we collaborate with various financial companies: we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions with unrepeatable conditions! Tan and Taeg extremely advantageous.
  • we consider requests of who he is: excessively indebted , reported as bad payer , protested or distraught . This possibility is dedicated solely to employees or retirees.
  • 93% of our customers are satisfied with our service.

Early repayment of a loan: interest and benefits

The early repayment of a loan serves to repay in advance the payment of the remaining installments to the bank that has provided the loan. After having subscribed a loan, which will naturally expire after a certain period of time, it is in fact possible that a new availability of liquidity or an improvement in its economic conditions will allow the user to repay in advance what is missing of the capital to be repaid. In this way, the weight of the periodic repayment of the installments is freed earlier than expected.

But with early repayment of the loan , can there be economic benefits and gain?

But with early repayment of the loan , can there be economic benefits and gain?

First of all it must be emphasized that for simple loans the rules concerning mortgages do not apply, which are very advantageous for consumers. There are therefore certain costs for the early repayment of a loan. The contract that is signed at the time the requested amount is paid provides for the payment of a penalty , in the event of early repayment. This clause is inserted to avoid excessive losses on the part of the bank: when the loan is extinguished, in fact, the bank should not recognize the interest that would be paid on subsequent installments. At first glance, therefore, it is a saving for the consumer, who will pay interest for less time.

However, this is not necessarily true. First of all, it must be assessed whether the penalty exceeds the amount that would be paid in interest if the original amortization plan were respected. However, if the residual capital is less than 10,000 euros, the bank cannot impose any additional payment and if the remaining amount is higher, the penalty may not in any case exceed 1% of the residual debt . The same ceiling is provided if the total loan exceeded 10,000 euros and at the end of the contract there is more than 1 year. In case of less than one year, the penalty can be up to 0.5%.

Furthermore, the methods for calculating the installments must be considered. If, as usually happens in Italy, the calculation is carried out using the French method, the first installments provide for a higher interest rate than the capital one. This means that the last installments will be composed of less interest and therefore repaying the financing in advance will lead to lower savings than expected. It is worthwhile to repay the loan when you are at the beginning of the loan.

In any case, the early repayment of the loan has important practical advantages: however, our advice is to carefully evaluate the convenience.

Loan Social Accession

Created to facilitate access to property for low incomes , the Social Accession Loan.

pret pas

Commonly known as the PAS loan, allows (mainly) beneficiaries to obtain Personal Housing Assistance (CLA), but not only.

Who can benefit 

The PAS loan is reserved for households that do not exceed a certain income threshold. The calculation of this ceiling is done on the reference fiscal income of year N-2 of the project. You will find it on your corresponding tax notice.

For which project?

The loan PAS finances the acquisition in principal residence. Thus, it can finance the purchase of a new property or a construction, the purchase of an old housing, or even of work of improvement of the housing or saving of energy on the conditions that the works exceed 4000 €.

PAS loan characteristics

Repayment period

The maximum repayment term is 25 years. The contract may provide for an extension up to 35 years.


The PAS loan can finance up to 100% of the operation .


It is the bank that decides the applicable rate on each file, without being able to exceed a maximum rate, currently set at 3.25% for rates of 15 to 20 years, and 3.35% for loans over 20 years. .


The PAS loan is necessarily accompanied by a real guarantee , ie either a mortgage or a lender’s lien.

The benefits of the PAS loan


Reduced filing fees

The maximum application fee on a PAS loan is 500 €. (some banks have a higher fee schedule, so you’re limited to $ 500)

Right to APL

Surely the biggest advantage of a PAS loan, the latter gives you the right to APL . Feel free to do a simulation. Be careful however, LPAs are temporary and recalculated each year based on your income. We advise not to take them into account in your calculations and consider them as additional income.

Security in case of unemployment

The PAS loan finally gives the beneficiaries security if one of them is affected by unemployment. Indeed, in case of unemployment, 50% of the monthly payment can be postponed at the end of the loan, and therefore not settled immediately. This period can not exceed 12 consecutive months.

What to give mom – online loans –

What to give to Mama? Mamita deserves the best. 

que regalarle a mama

What to give mom? Ask for easy online loans to apply with us.

What to give to Mom? Mother’s Day is coming … How is it at home?
1- There is a family debate (when she is taking a bath) to think about what to give mom?
2- Mom chooses it, she buys it herself and hides the bag to give it that day.
3- The boys prepare drawings and give many hugs. For another thing it is not enough!

What to give to Mama? The clothes do not fail …
First the clothes always, right? It is true that most women love clothes and we never find what we have enough. And if we have little, let alone! After all you have to renovate the closet, add seasonal clothing or get something new for an upcoming event … But this time I say: enough of blouses, bags and shoes! What kids and dads choose is not usually what Mom wants … Pay attention to the signs or let her change it without guilt! This year, play with something more original. Ask for quick online advances and I received the money in the day in your bank account to buy what you really want.

What to give to Mama? Appliances … yes or no?
Before, it was very common to regulate things for the house or the kitchen. Later, it became almost a bad word that the gift for Mother’s Day was an iron, a coffee machine or a toaster. Today, refrigerators and washing machines are so expensive that it’s almost like thinking about giving them a car: impossible! Cell phones, on the other hand, are welcome and top the list of technological gifts. Is that with a last generation cell you can do almost everything. Even asking for cash advances online easy to apply through the app and receive the money you need!

What to give to Mama? Traveling is a pleasure …
Finally, taking vacations, traveling for pleasure and even achieving a weekend getaway is increasingly complicated. The lack of money, the rise of the dollar, inflation (and all the reasons you want to add to the list) go against this desire. Surely mom would love to be given a trip!

You ask me for cash online loans and in minutes you receive the money.

I can give you up to $ 20,000, to repay in 3 installments. Consult and take the tickets today to wish you a super happy Mother’s Day!

Are mini-loans worthwhile in Austria?

Mini-loans is a small amount of money in the form of a loan that involves a quick payout and is a few hundred dollars .

It is based on small sums of money ranging from 500 euros to 1500 euros move. Many credit providers have specialized in mini-credit in Austria. This type of lending has become very popular, especially because you can apply for the desired loan amount directly over the Internet. Here you will also find a loan calculator to calculate the loan amount with the associated interest in advance.

What should you look for when choosing mini-loans?

Before you take out a loan in Austria , you should determine in advance which loan amount you need. This is an important criterion for quickly obtaining the appropriate information about your preferred loan through a loan calculator. So you can also use the opportunity to create a credit comparison to get an overview of which bank provides which terms for you. In most cases, the amount of credit required is not readily determinable. This applies, for example, for upcoming repairs. Here it is highly possible that the total billings will vary widely and tend to be higher than too low. In any case, you should consider this aspect when determining your required credit.

Further criteria that you should consider for your preferred loan in Austria

When looking for a suitable lender in the neighboring country, you should definitely pay attention to the terms and conditions. Here you should pay special attention to the effective annual interest rate of your mini-credit. In any case, you should have this numbered together with the loan amount via a loan calculator. Because this is not insignificant, because many credit providers, the interest rate is different. The interest rate is also set off against the loan amount and must be repaid to the lender accordingly.

You should also include in your calculations for your mini loan the possibility of special repayment. Often, the potential lenders will offer you this as soon as you submit your offer via the loan calculator. Because this will make your loan offer even more attractive to you, as you now have the option to redeem it even faster or to replace it early.

Furthermore, you should include in your planning the corresponding fees to be paid. The internet also offers you the opportunity to inquire about it in advance and often determines how quickly your preferred loan will be granted to you.

The customer service for a mini loan in the neighboring country

For many borrowers, the customer service of a lender is crucial to the choice of the lending institution. Customer service is also referred to as support and enables customers to contact their lenders in case of problems. Especially online, online banks and direct banks attach great importance to their support and improve this area at regular intervals. This offers the customer the advantage that his lender or his expert staff can be reached around the clock and report their concerns. This means accessibility at any time of day or night. But the preference of the customer is important. In many cases, borrowing online is associated with better credit terms. For example, all matters can be done online now.

Important criteria for mini-credit in the neighboring country at a glance

In the run-up to a decision to apply for a mini-credit in the neighboring country, you should definitely observe the following criteria:

Does the lender offer you customer service or so-called support?
Is there a possibility of special repayment?
How much is the effective annual interest rate?
Are there any additional fees to pay?

In the search for mini-loans, the comparison with offers from credit providers in Austria in any case worthwhile.