5 Tips for Auto Loans How to Buy the Car if You Are Already Indebted?

Is your project a new car ? Are you geared towards a used car ? You have several loans in progress and you do not know how to get more liquidity ?

 Auto Loan How to Buy the Car if You Are Already Indebted

is the right solution for you! With you have the opportunity to consolidate current loans and get the money you need.

We have collected in this article 5 useful tips to show you the best way to purchase your car .

Let’s see them together:

  1. Who can apply for funding?
  2. Why is the financing not accepted?
  3. Ways to get financing if it is not accepted.
  4. How to apply for funding?
  5. Why rely on ?

1. Auto Loan: Who can apply for funding?

In general, anyone has the right to request and obtain a car loan . To be more precise, any subject, income earner, interested in buying a car . There are no theoretical limitations on access to credit on a theoretical level if they do not demonstrate the real ability to repay future monthly installments .

Is it therefore sufficient to receive a salary , a pension or have an income tax return ? We will see later that it is not so obvious.

2. Auto Loan: Why is the financing not accepted?

The motivations can be different and should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Below we have listed the main ones:

  • several loans in progress: excessive borrowing by the applicant.
  • recent request for funding : regardless of the outcome of the request, this data, present in the Crif databases, is often a fact determined by the denial of the new request. The client, often unaware, relies on online comparators of loans and loans or through the financial institution or bank that has an agreement with the dealership. Some manufacturers, if not most, forward the financing requests directly to their financial companies; this is the case, for example, of Renault , Citroen and others.
  • Uncensored : those who have never made other funding
  • Reported: bad payer of other commitments or protested .

3. Auto Loan: Ways to get financing if it is rejected.

After the auto loans you request are refused, offers you two solutions to get the car you want. Among these there is the possibility of making a debt consolidation loan , or a personal loan that allows you to obtain a sufficiently high liquidity, so as to close the various loans already underway and this transaction is done directly by the financial, the remaining money will result useful for the purchase of the car .

Another possibility is to request a transfer of the fifth , the delegation of payment or the loan changed. With this product it will be easier to obtain liquidity, without looking at other loans already in progress.

4. Auto Loan: How to apply for financing

Requesting loans through is very simple! You can do it directly from your home, with PC or smartphone. It will only take a few minutes of your time to make a request ( it will not be sent to any database ). Fill out the form and within 24 hours one of our experts will contact you to evaluate a free quote without obligation: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust it to our experts!

5. Why ?

Here are the main reasons why you can contact our company:

  • we do not forward the request to the databases : if you were not interested in our solution, you can freely contact another institution, without any penalty.
  • the estimate is fast, safe and above all free
  • we collaborate with various financial companies: we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions with unrepeatable conditions! Tan and Taeg extremely advantageous.
  • we consider requests of who he is: excessively indebted , reported as bad payer , protested or distraught . This possibility is dedicated solely to employees or retirees.
  • 93% of our customers are satisfied with our service.